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Detox Your Body & Life

YogaBody: Practice Is Everything | 10.19.2017

Whole Detox with Dr. Deanna Minich

Women’s Wellness Collaborative | 7.27.2017

Whole Detox for Both Mind and Body

Essentials of Healthy Living Radio Show | 3.12.2017

Dr. Deanna Minich, In Living Colour

The Wellness Couch | 4.4.2016

Dr. Deanna Minich Discusses Whole Detox

Beyond Your Wildest Genes | 3.16.2016

Nutrition Tips to Increase Mindfulness, Meaning, and Purpose

High-Intensity Health Radio with Dr. Mike Mutzel | 2.21.16

Whole Detox with Special Guest Dr. Deanna Minich

Healthy You! Radio | 10.1.2016

A Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Detox

Conscious Talk Radio | 4.6.2016

How To Do a Life Detox

The Functional Medicine Radio Show with Dr. Carrie Drzyzga | 2.22.16


The Mind-Body-Soul Detox

GOOP | October 2017

Whole Body Health

Conscious Living Magazine | Fall 2016

Whole Detox Book Review

Blog Critics | 4.7.2016

Lighten Your Load with a Mind Detox

Spa & Clinic | 3.15.2016

The Seven-Systems Detox

Experience Life | May 2018

How I Cured the Impossible

IHCAN Beyond Nutrition | June 2017

Seven Colors of Detox

Nelumbo, Lady, and Verse | 7.13.2016

Cleanse Creep

New York Times | 3.21.2016

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