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What Do Past Participants Think of Whole Detox?

These are actual comments of Whole Detox participants. These results cannot be guaranteed but are merely representative of these individuals’ experiences. Results may vary.

“The detox community is an incredible group of dynamic people with a wealth of knowledge from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences who are supportive and encouraging. I am so thankful for Deanna and her Whole Detox program. She is incredibly compassionate and caring and has a wonderful gift of teaching and helping others find their path for healing and living a healthy life.”

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the Whole Detox. My patient absolutely loved the program and is going to repeat it. She says she has not felt this good for a long time. Definitely the best detox on the planet!”

“After completing the 21-Day Detox, I feel amazing! I have more energy, clearer skin, and better sleep. I have enjoyed the experience and would repeat it again.”

“Thanks so much! I am starting to, thanks to this detox, reevaluate my happiness, and I realized I am over living in stress! Time to break up with that relationship. I also realized I have within me time to do exactly as you said and give it my best, with the intention of love!”

“This is a unique experience; the detox is whole body, mind, spirit focused, not just food. It’s about what we add and focus on as opposed to what we delete. There is total flexibility to do it as it suits you. I appreciate gifting myself this time and attention, to delve deeper into myself while setting intentions. This is a generous program, like I’ve never experienced before. The variety of support is outstanding. I’m committed already to doing the next Whole Detox and encourage you to consider it too. I’ll gladly talk and share more if you are interested. I feel all sparkly inside and out.”

“I absolutely recommend this Whole Detox! Beyond cleaning up the diet, making connections between health and mental/emotional/spiritual toxins is HUGE. I don’t know of anyone who couldn’t benefit from this.”

“I really think about my food choices, what kind of nutrition does the food provide, and how it makes me feel as opposed to just checking the eat food box off my list! I think a lot more about where the food comes from and what benefits each ingredient will provide for my health now! The recipes are delicious! Thank you, Dr. Minich!”

“I am inspired by you, Dr. Minich! The community, information, and love is transforming. There are many people who have made a difference for me!”

“Whole Detox provides the nourishment needed to open up channels within yourself and feed those points with the necessary fuel to go deeper into your spirit. You become wise about yourself and who you are as you grow and strive to become a better person. This program is full of support and love and insight for everyone. It is life changing. It is outstanding!”

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