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Free Webinar Recording on Toxic Metals - A Focus on Mercury

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Dr. Joseph Pizzorno is a world-leading authority on science-based natural medicine. He was also one of the 30 speakers I interviewed in the Detox Summit.

So what is important about this webinar for you?

You will learn about the effects of mercury toxicity on your health. Most people realize that mercury is one of the underlying reasons for depression, fatigue, sleep disturbance and memory loss, among many others.

You will learn what you can do about mercury in your body. This webinar is extremely practical and useful, detailing Dr. Pizzorno's nutritional protocol play-by-play.

You will also get to see some of the research Dr. Pizzorno did on thousands of people using this specific nutritional protocol. I was very impressed with his findings. Studies on detoxification, especially from mercury, are not common in the literature. He has had research findings that are cutting-edge and help us to understand the best laboratory markers.

Visit www.http://drpizzorno.com/.

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